Baybi Day:

"Not sure..he looks like the guy French Catherine use to go out with. (does that ring any bells?) I could tell you a bunch about Catherine but I only met John twice..both times with Catherine.. I remember him bragging about how many bags it took him to get straight. I recall him as really tall. I didnt like him when I first met him, when Catherine and I took a cab to meet him in the West Village. Then one day I hung out with him and Electra Blue in the East Village while waiting for Catherine..and thought he was pretty nice."
Richard Sandler:

"I did see John Spacely on the street once in a while in the early 80's. Also, I believe he would occasionally come into the Caldron Restaurant on 6th st., just east of 2nd ave. for some healthy and cheap eats. I worked there at that time and was the cook there, when it opened in 1969.

Addictive drugs were never my thing so we never crossed paths socially. I do clearly remember him though, and of course I photographed and videotaped the mural of him.

There is one shot of John Spacely in "Brave New York," and one shot of him in "Subway To The Former East Village," which is on the same DVD (BRINK DVD) as "Brave New York" and "SWAY."
Elizabeth Gregory ( Jade ):

"My story with John is simple - We met in 1986 and stayed together until the early nineties. There were plenty of good times & memories. John was one of the most talented and generous souls. He taught me a lot about life & NYC. I miss him.
This chapter is closed now - but, the pictures are here to remember an amazing human being."
Richie Dagger:

"Just wanted to say thanks for creating a website about John Spacely. Always thought someone should write a book or something about him. He deserves to be remembered for more than his addiction and an iconic billboard in East Village, so glad to see someone doing this with the intention of showing other sides of the man.

I didn't know Spacely personally, but as someone who has survived heroin, I always thought it was pretty sad that a lot of people think an addict is one dimensional with nothing else to offer but the tragedy of their circumstances. Spacely should be remembered as the guy that gave Punk magazine a second wind and for his charisma and sense of style despite difficult circumstances he lived with at the time.

Can't contribute anything personally but just want to express appreciation and wish you all the best with this website."
Richard Zimmerman:

"He was cool. Liked him alot.  I worked at Hairpower at 27 st. Marks Place late 70's early 80's. I would bleach out spacely's hair for him. He would sometimes run out of the salon with bleach on his hair because he had no money to pay."
Dennis Spencer:

"Last time I saw him he was running up and down the stairs at The Senton Hotel with Richard Lloyd of Television and both of them were wearing hideous women's dressess."
Tom McCrum:

"I knew John in the late Eighties, I played drums in The Privileged Ones for a while. John used a magnifying glass to figure out which harp to use."
Peter Jarrette:

"Spacely was long time love of my good friend Beth (Betty) Stimson. His character is re-counted in my book of NY stories to be published in 2014/15. I'm the author of Brighton Babylon Dynasty Press Ltd."

"John and Gyda were together, living @ The Senton Hotel where I lived too. He'd got that huge tattoo of Gyda on his arm..then they broke up, and he still had that huge tatt of her on his arm..funny..John was ok."
Cheetah Chrome:

"Thank you for doing this!"
Audrey Pavia:

"I can't remember exactly where this was taken (see gallery). Somewhere in L.A., backstage at a New Order gig. This is the New Order that featured Ron Asheton and Dennis Thompson, based in L.A., John hung out with Ron Asheton a lot. I remember being at Ron's apartment back in 1976 when John knocked on the door. He was clearly wasted, but not drunk as usual. This was something else. Ron asked him what he was on, and he said "I just snorted heroin! Amazing!" I got the feeling it was his first time."
Lisa Slum Twins:

"My girlfriend and I moved from N.O. to Lower East Side in 1980. We met Spacely at The Mudd Club the night we got there. We were looking to cop, and I saw Spacely nodding. We became good friends, miss."
Chuck Talbott:

"Just wanted to thank you for this. Spacely was a really great person. I moved to NYC from ATL in 1980 to play rhythm guitar with Cheetah Chrome's Casualties. Met John my first night in town. My good friend way back in 80-83. I play guit. in Cheetah's new band. CC was with Gita then. Great mems. Thanks so much."